Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Logical Man

This song is a bit of a before and after of my experience here. The first verse is a kind of how I felt when I arrived and the second how that changed. I've never chosen my words so carefully when writing a song before - I felt like I had to for this one.

The Logical Man

Drink down the calculations of my brain,
Eventhough I believe em, I don't know if I want to,
And I feel the blood pump through my veins,
and eventhough I want to I know I won't appease the pump,
its pumps truth, too bad thats no use.

I'm locked up by a logical man,
He's responsive to a rational demand,
And I'm slipping him notes through the bars,
Sayin' you gotta let me out, my patients only goes so far,
But on my parole date I can not state that I've been rehabilitated,

For now I'll stay far away from home,
I'll prove I can do it, and say that I've done it,
How long will I be locked up alone?
There's comfort in the fact that time is passing,
Sometimes passing feels like about all that it is doing.

On the wall of this room there sits a dichotomy,
Posters of my two idols Batman and Ghandi,
I only recently became aware of the irony.

So I stared at myself in the mirror, 
And hoped the image was nearer,
To what I pictured in my head, 
Almost chose not to care instead,
I don't want no idle pleasure, 
I just need to find my pending pride

I just spoke with the logical man,
He said pick yourself up take my hand,
Take a good, hard look all around,
How could you let this place get you down?
You got everything here that you need, I think that you will agree

You'll find just what your looking for,
It's incased in these walls and this floor,
And that blood pump you whole-heartedly ignore,
For its service you better implore, 
It'll turn this place into a home, this locked safe into a treasure chest